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Denver, Colorado
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Daughters of Penelope Athena 10


Our Chapter’s Founder’s Day luncheon was held November 9th at Brio Restaurant. It was a truly lovely afternoon. Please consider joining Denver Chapter Athena #10 - you don’t want to miss out on our chapter’s fun, fellowship and friendship. #daughtersofpenelope #denverathenaten #foundersday

Daughters of Penelope forms

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Members and Officers - click here to log into the Daughters of Penelope membership system. Click here to view a step by step guide on the membership system.

Denver's very own Maids of Athena #160 making scrumptious desserts that will be served at the annual AHEPA Christmas Party! Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the success of this very much anticipated holiday event! 11/28/2017

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AHEPA Mission Statement:

To promote the ancient Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, integrity,
and family and individual excellence through community service and volunteerism.

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